A Little Bit about Jones' Rustic Sign Co.


For more than 30 years, Lorna Jones has been picking her words carefully and then immortalizing them with her delightfully rustic wooden signs.

An appreciative audience of friends and acquaintances encouraged Lorna to show her work at local festivals and craft shows in and around her hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of the signs, a sales representative for the gift and craft industry offered Lorna the opportunity to share her talent with a much wider audience of wholesalers and retail stores. Lorna's rustic signs were an instant hit.

As orders quickly piled up, Lorna recruited her husband Ken putting him to work buying wood, painting boards, framing signs, as  well as keeping track of the books. And in 1996, Ken, a businessman by trade, turned in his tie for an old pair of blue jeans and a dusty shop apron. Jones' Rustic Sign Co. went full-time hiring employees to work with them out of their cozy, basement studio before moving to a larger manufacturing facility at the edge of downtown Dayton, Ohio.

The year 2015 brought their son, Mitch, to the family business adding youth and  technical expertise to the company. In 2021, Jones' Rustic Sign Co. celebrated 25 years in the wholesale gift market. They grew at a rapid rate in the early years then weathered the hardships of the economic down fall. They continue to strive for excellent quality and service, adding new sayings, keeping up with market trends and proceed finding better ways to manufacture and produce their heartfelt signs.

A hint of humor here... a bit of homespun wisdom there... some heartfelt inspiration... even a little attitude now and then. Browse through the website and find those perfect sayings.

Let us know what you like, or what you'd like to see done differently. Just give us a call at (888) 643-1695. Drop us an email at mitch@jonesrusticsigns.com or use our online contact form.


To all of you, from all of us at Jones' Rustic Signs - Thank you and thanks for shopping!

Lorna Jones

Ken and Lorna Jones